Defence mechanism

(Unconscious) Defence Mechanisms

Our brains work in amazing and sometimes seemingly mysterious ways. We’ve all heard terms such as they’re just “being defensive”, “in denial”, or “trying to rationalise their behaviour”. And many of us have caught ourselves behaving or responding in ways that may seem strange or uncharacteristic on reflection. But why do we turn to these …

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Arts Therapy - Somatisation

Working with SOMATISATION in Arts Therapy

What is SOMATISATION? Soma is a Greek word and means “the living body”. Integrating techniques on somatic awareness in Arts Therapy adds a significant dimension to verbal exploration. In the psychodynamic framework of Creative Arts Therapy, we explore somatisation to help enhance self-awareness, self-growth and develop insight. We gain greater insight into bodily experience as …

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addictive behaviour

A Deeper Look into Addictive Behaviour

The interplay of addictive behaviour, self-regulation, attachment, and childhood trauma Introduction to addictive behaviour Question: Consider the two examples below. Which example do you think demonstrates features of addiction? Roger has grown up around alcohol. Further, he has fond childhood memories of drunken family members and their antics during social gatherings. Roger began drinking alcohol …

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Multicultural Counselling

The Practice of Multicultural Counselling

As we look around today, we see diverse cultures, ethnicity, skin colour and many other distinct features and uniqueness. The reason for this phenomenon is work opportunities transcending geographical boundaries. Another reason is to find refuge elsewhere due to oppression in the country of origin. For others, it’s for educational purposes. This list can expand …

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Trauma in the LGBTQ+ community

LGBTQ+ stands for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. Globally, this community faces adversities in most aspects of their day to day lives. LQBTQ+ Individuals are more likely to experience trauma than straight, cisgender individuals. This has a wide-reaching effect on their mental and physical well-being, relationships, and sense of identity.   Trauma …

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