A telehealth service is a psychological therapy service that is provided via video conference.

How effective is online psychological therapy?

As we are now all comfortable with working from home and using various platforms for meetings, our online psychological therapy sessions would not be too far from those. Even better, your therapy sessions in your own comfortable setting.

All Australians will be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate for psychological services via telehealth (i.e. videoconferencing such as Skype) if clinically appropriate. Through Medicare, you will be eligible for 10 rebated telehealth or video psychology consultations per calendar year.

1. No location is limited. As long as you have reliable internet, you can talk to our therapist from home, or anywhere you happen to be. Online psychological therapy services have made therapy far more accessible than it’s ever been in the past.

2. It’s accessible to people with physical or geographical limitations Those with a disability, who are housebound or have other physical limitations often find it difficult to access mental health care. Online therapy can help people with special accommodations reach their therapy goals in ways that have been impossible in the past.

3. It’s very convenient When you have a lot on your plate, even just finding the time for therapy can feel overwhelming. However, one of the main benefits of online psychological therapy is that sessions can take place conveniently at home.

4. Ability to schedule more sessions When you have to travel to appointments or take time off work to see a therapist, you may not be able to schedule as many sessions as you’d like. Since online psychological therapy is so flexible and convenient, it might be possible to schedule additional sessions.

5. Many people feel more comfortable with online psychological therapy Psychological therapy can be intimidating. Being vulnerable or sharing your fears and concerns isn’t always easy. Doing these things in a strange or unfamiliar environment can be even more daunting. Worry no more, you are in your comfort zone. 6. You are in control Online psychological therapy can mean mental health care is more approachable. It offers more control over the process. When you use online psychological therapy, you’re free to talk to a therapist on your schedule and in the way that you find most comfortable.

How to access telehealth services?

Simply contact your GP and organise a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) before your initial appointment at COPE to receive your Medicare rebate straight from the start.

Click the ‘Request an appointment’ button now to reserve your appointment before your appointment with your GP for referral MHCP.

Select the service “online psychotherapy” when requesting your appointment and at the time of your appointment we will send you a secure link for your telehealth session.

Our Telehealth practioners

Dr Hugo Gonzales

Clinical Psychologist

Michiel Gonzales

Registered Psychologist

Samuil Hossain

Registered Psychologist

Ms Kylie Smith

Aboriginal Counsellor and NDIS psychosocial recovery coach

Mrs. Deborah Wood

Couple Therapist