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See a Psychologist to join a group

Group psychotherapy is a form of therapeutic intervention where a trained mental health professional facilitates a therapeutic group consisting of several individuals who share common concerns or goals. Cope Centre provides a supportive environment for members to discuss their experiences, share insights, and work together towards personal growth and positive change. Group therapy can take various forms and may be focused on specific issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, or general personal development.

Different Groups Available

Psychoanalytic Psychodrama
art therapy
Arts Therapy
Zen Bhudism


  • Mutual Support
  • Diversity of Perspectives¬†
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Interpersonal learning¬†
  • Encourages empathy
  • Sense of universality with issues

Transform Together

In the supportive embrace of group therapy, Join us on the journey to resilience, growth, and lasting change.