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COPE is an NDIS registered provider focused in delivering support for individuals with a psychosocial disability. Our support workers and recovery coaches are experienced and qualified beyond requirements.

Specialists in Mental Health

Psychological Care

COPE psycho-social support workers are trainee psychologists & counsellors with at least a bachelor’s degree in psychology or counselling. Our support workers have gone through extensive tertiary training to help understand and work with people experiencing psychological disorders.

COPE is a psychoanalytically informed
psychology practice. COPE supports look
at psychological care through a
psychoanalytical lens that has been
demonstrated to help overcome lifelong
debilitating patterns and entrenched

Capacity Building Experts

Psychoanalytic Psychotheraphy

High-level knowledge of capacity building and helping reduce the severity of symptoms to increase day to day functionality. Distinguished reputation for supporting clients and making meaningful life changes towards NDIS goals.

Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy is an invitation to speak —
not only about what worries and troubles us, but simply about the things that

“Our past experiences in life shape us, but they don’t have to define us.”

Psychosocial Support Workers

Our Psychosocial Support Workers are all Psychology/ Counselling graduates who have undertaken extensive training to help understand how to support individuals living with mental health difficulties. Hand-picked by our Psychologists, our Psychosocial Support Workers are empathic and passionate about supporting people experiencing mental health difficulties to pursue a meaningful life. Our workers are trained to help build your capacity to access the community independently in a sensitive and gradual manner.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Our Recovery Coaches are qualified mental health professionals (i.e. Counsellors) here to support you navigate the NDIS and motivate you to work towards your goals.

How our Recovery Coaches Help

Mental Health Focus and NDIS knowledge

Our Recovery Coaches provide high quality mental health support to engage in personal recovery and serve as a personal guide and mentor in implementing NDIS plans.


We work with you to repair, maintain and build strong relationships around you. We help you develop support plans that empower and strengthen your abilities to feel socially included.

Build Resiliency and Independence

Our Recovery Coaches aim to support you to take more control of your life and to better manage the complex challenges of day-to-day living. We work with you to help you live an independent life and support you to manage your NDIS plan.

Psychology & Counselling

COPE Psychologists and Counsellors are Psychoanalytically informed. Psychoanalytical psychotherapy is a deeper more personalised form of talk therapy which looks at the root cause of problems and what unconscious processes that may interfere with people living a meaningful life. Research has demonstrated that psychoanalytic-based therapies last long after treatment ends and suited for complex mental health problems.

To find out more about this approach enter our page psychoanalysis here: Psychoanalysis Perth – (

Arts Therapy

Arts therapy is a therapeutic modality that integrates creative expression through visual arts media with psychotherapeutic techniques to improve mental, physical and emotional well-being, by facilitating self-expression and developing new coping strategies. The creative processes used in arts therapy include drawing, painting, craft, colouring, sculpting, or collage. As clients create art, they may reflect on what they have made and discern how it makes them feel.

How Arts Therapy can help:

  • Bypassing the verbal requirements to encourage self-expression, communication
  • Using creative tools are modified to accommodate various fine motor skill challenges
  • Decreasing feelings of helplessness
  • Relaxation for people with chronic pain
  • Improving cognitive function and quality of life
  • Encouraging self-discovery and emotional growth
  • Providing emotional and physical integration
  • Teaching daily living skills to people with developmental disabilities.

To find out more about how Arts therapy can help. Click here > Arts Therapy – (

Meet our Team


Psychosocial Support Worker
Centre of Psychological Enrichment
Vanika is currently completing a PhD on mood disorders and insomnia at the University of Western Australia; where she also gained her undergraduate degree in psychology. “I am looking forward to being part of the process that leads to a better quality of life.”


Senior Psychosocial Support Worker
Centre of Psychological Enrichment
Nikki is currently working to become a registered psychologist studying her Master’s in Psychology. Nikki is warm, empathic, and able to develop rapport with clients who have undergone significant difficulties in their life. “Walking alongside clients on their recovery journey is incredibly rewarding and I particularly enjoy seeing clients experience lightbulb moments. It is absolutely awesome witnessing clients’ faces when they suddenly realise or understand something about themselves or their recovery. I view these moments of seemingly sudden enlightenment as evidence of clients’ continuous ‘inner work’ paying off long-term”.


Psychosocial Support Worker
Centre of Psychological Enrichment
Kristen is a psychology honours student currently undertaking a Masters in Sexology at Curtin University. Throughout her psychology studies, she has worked as an adolescent support worker which she finds incredibly rewarding. “The thing I look forward to most in this role is meeting new people and working together to help them achieve their goals.”


Psychosocial Support Worker
Centre of Psychological Enrichment
Debbie graduated from Bachelor of Psychology and
Counselling, double major; allied health
counsellor. Debbie’s working approach is to learn from
others and making a difference in people’s
lives. Debbie believes we can always learn from others and learning about what we dont want is as important as learning what we do want in life.


Psychosocial Support Worker
Centre of Psychological Enrichment
Erin is a Bachelor of Youth
work and Psychology student. Erin was born in Liverpool in the UK and she always played
instruments and sang growing up,
playing cello, violin and more
recently piano. Erin is passionate about supporting young people and helping them navigate significant life transitions.


Psychosocial Support Worker
Centre of Psychological Enrichment
Michelle graduated from her Diploma of Psychology Advanced at ECU. Michelle works part-time as a research coordinator at the Australian Indigenous Health Info Net. Michelle offers a warm and sensitive approach working with individuals experiencing mental health difficulties.


Psychosocial Support Worker
Centre of Psychological Enrichment
Asra is currently studying a Master’s of Counselling and passionate about meeting new clients and helping them achieve their goals. She is passionate, energetic, and generally very positive about what life has got to offer.


Psychosocial Support Worker
Centre of Psychological Enrichment
Anthony is currently studying a Master’s in Social Work at UWA. Anthony is a great listener and able to gently encourage participants to work towards their NDIS goals. Anthony has a strong interest in yoga and facilitates yoga and breathwork classes. If you have an interest in yoga and meditation, Anthony will be a great match. Anthony has travelled the world and learnt from experts in meditation and yoga.


Psychosocial Support Worker
Centre of Psychological Enrichment
Lara is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling. Lara has been always passionate about people’s minds, what makes them tick and the struggles that all of mankind have live through in our world. Lara’s working approach is to help and support those who are hurting and struggling, giving them a helping hand, and a listening ear, and learning from experiences that only those who are living with mental illness can teach.


Psychosocial Support Worker
Centre of Psychological Enrichment
Gemma graduated from a Bachelor’s in Education, she also had a Diploma in Counselling and currently studying for a post-grad diploma in Psychology. Gemma has had a diverse and rewarding career in education and advocacy, with a strong focus on supporting children and families in challenging situation. Gemma is looking forward to having opportunities to learn more about people’s lived experiences. Connecting with and making a positive difference with new people.


Psychosocial Support Worker
Centre of Psychological Enrichment
Jade graduated from a Bachelor’s in Social Work and she has previous worked experience as a social worker in the UK in child protective services. Jade is passionate about working individually with clients and actively helping people achieve their goals. Building positive relationships with clients, so we can trust each other, create healthy targets and have fun along the way.


Psychosocial Support Worker
Centre of Psychological Enrichment
Gabriel is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Psychology. He most looks foward to connecting with the clients and seeing improvements in their daily lives by slowly changing their habits and their mindset in how they think.


Dr Gonzales has a PhD in
Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) and a Master’s degree in Clinical
Psychology. Dr Gonzales offers
a wealth of knowledge and an
extensive background with over
25 years’ experience as a
psychologist and senior lecturer. Dr Gonzales has extensive experience in psychoanalytic psychotherapy as a therapeutic approach to helping to understand human suffering.


Michiel has particular experience
working with young adults aged
12-25 and supporting them
through various transitions in life
they experience. Michiel’s
background and experience is
working as youth counsellor at
Youth Focus and working with
participants from the NDIS.


Elisabeth has longstanding
experience of working with
vulnerable people across all
socio-cultural contexts and
uses the latest methods and
techniques to guide a creative
healing process that responds
to clients’ individual needs.


Kylie Smith is a Yamatji woman
and is our Aboriginal counsellor
& NDIS Recovery Coach. Kylie
has worked across various
community contexts over the
last 12 years recognizing the
gaps that exist in services for
Aboriginal people.

Be a Part of a Community

COPE offers a supportive and safe community for clients who all share their own unique lived experiences. COPE offers a variety of group activities such as outings, social events and group therapy programmes to COPE clients. When you are supported by strong relationships you are much more likely to achieve your goals. Keeping you connected through a community is very important to us.


 Taking the first step is often the most difficult, yet it’s necessary to begin your journey
towards recovery. The sooner you take it, though, the sooner your progress
towards a more independent and fulfilling life begins.

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