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Couples & Relationship Therapy

Relationship counselling can assist you to gain insight into your present difficulties and provide you with the tools and foundation to manage the challenges ahead. Individual relationship counselling is also available and can help you understand why and how difficulties are arising and to develop skills that will assist them to foster a healthy and satisfying relationship. Our passion is to help individuals address relationship difficulties so that they can have a more joyful, fulfilling and healthy relationships which can increase their overall satisfaction in life.

Healthy relationships involve work, commitment and willingness to understand your partner

Our therapists will help you understand feelings and common conflicts, and help couples regain control of their relationships.

Positive, healthy and fulfilling relationships form the basis for a happy life. While our relationships can provide the deepest source of satisfaction and happiness, they can also result in anger, frustration, hurt and disappointment. When individuals are experiencing difficulties in their relationship, it makes life hard and significantly impacts on every facet of life, especially work! A neutral, safe space for the couple to discuss their concerns openly and respectfully

What to Expect

In sessions we delve into each partner’s personal history and relationship dynamics, aiming to uncover unconscious conflicts and motivations that shape present behaviours. By exploring transference, countertransference, and family-of-origin issues, we help couples understand recurring patterns and communication styles. Our therapists offer interpretations and support emotional expression, creating a safe space for couples to work through resistance and foster deeper insight and resolution. Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate healthier ways of relating, enhancing intimacy, communication, and satisfaction in relationships

At COPE CENTRE, we create

A neutral, safe space for the couple to discuss their concerns openly and respectfully

Couples therapy offers a vital lifeline to couples on the brink of relationship dissolution. Through guided exploration of underlying issues, improved communication, and the development of healthier relational patterns, therapy can help couples navigate challenges, strengthen their bond, and reignite intimacy. By addressing root causes of conflict and fostering mutual understanding, couples therapy provides the tools necessary to transform strained relationships and prevent their untimely demise.

Deborah Wood

DipCouns | BA Psych & Counselling | Currently studying Masters of Counselling

Meet our Couples Counsellor

Deborah aims to aid clients in their understanding of each other, increase capacity for positive communication within the relationship and help facilitate open dialogue enabling couples to reconnect.

Prices: Face to face consult $165