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“We were created as social beings, to connect, interact and love each other. Life is all about relationships and the success and quality of our life is directly linked to the success and quality of our relationships”

Positive, healthy and fulfilling relationships form the basis for a happy life. While our relationships can provide the deepest source of satisfaction and happiness, they can also result in anger, frustration, hurt and disappointment. When individuals are experiencing difficulties in their relationship, it makes life hard and significantly impacts on every facet of life, especially work!

Relationship counselling can assist you to gain insight into your present difficulties and provide you with the tools and foundation to manage the challenges ahead. Individual relationship counselling is also available and can help you understand why and how difficulties are arising and to develop skills that will assist them to foster a healthy and satisfying relationship. Our passion is to help individuals address relationship difficulties so that they can have a more joyful, fulfilling and healthy relationships which can increase their overall satisfaction in life.

Seeking help is a sign of strength

Our psychologists at COPE will ensure we provide a neutral, safe space for the couple to discuss their concerns openly and respectfully. We hope to address pressing concerns but also give you strategies to address/prevent future conflicts. The main objective we hope that you will get out of the therapy is a greater understanding of your partner’s emotions and actions to certain behaviours. We hope that these sessions will assist in the improvement of communication and problem-solving. We are able to facilitate both individual and couples therapy based on the issue and progression.

At COPE, we provide services for Couples Counselling both face-to-face and telehealth.
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We aim to provide a holistic approach in therapy to ensure that this journey will be enlightening and beneficial to both parties.
Our experience enables us to offer effective therapy.

We are here to COPE with you