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If you come to us via your GP with a mental health care plan, you are eligible for a Medicare rebate of $126.50 with our clinical psychologist.


No more waiting lists. No more sifting through profiles. Simply book online to get started. We are always accepting new clients. We’ll get you in quickly and appointments are offered on weekdays, evenings and weekends.


Evidenced based psychological care that is based on the latest research about the most effective approaches to assessing and treating mental health difficulties individuals may be experiencing.

Child Anxiety

Children experience various difficulties when they go through different key stages of their development. If your child is experiencing emotional, behavioural or relationship challenges at home or at school, a psychologist may be able to assist with this change.

How can COPE help?

At COPE, we understand the challenges that many families face when raising a child and/or adolescent. We are able to provide support for the following issues but are not exhausted to, familial and parenting challenges, behavioural and developmental difficulties, ADHD, attachment and separation anxiety issues, eating disorders, schooling troubles and violence. We hope to provide a neutral, safe space to ensure your child’s concerns are heard and valued.

We will ensure we provide support to both the child and parent to ensure long-term strategies and solutions are effective and appropriate.

Help is at hand – our treatment is highly effective

We support the use of psychodynamic psychotherapy to aid in understanding the underlying issues that may be causing the shift in your child’s behaviour. Our practising psychologists acknowledge that presenting behaviours may be a manifestation of a more intricate underlying problem. Depending on the age of the child, our psychologists will use different techniques to ensure the client is engaged and responsive to therapy. The presence of toys, games and other materials in our therapy rooms are available to accommodate younger children and to allow for the use of ‘Play Therapy’. If the child is older, we ensure that a discussion of their emotions is central to the session. We will often incorporate topics that the child may be interested in to assist with their engagement.

If you have noticed a difference in your child’s progress in development and/or schooling, we are able to provide cognitive assessments to gauge how well your child is travelling. This may also enable us to tailor our therapy to meet the specific needs of your child.

We will ensure parents are supported with appropriate resources to assist their child in this transition. We can facilitate appointments during key stages of your child’s progression to ensure that you are aware of the current changes/challenges that your child is facing.


COPE is well located, just 5 minutes from Perth CBD with public transport easily accessible. There is plenty of street parking on Havelock and Hay street and a parking station is located on Parliament Place. The front entrance is accessible from Hay Street.