Psychological Science

Science and Spirituality

Spiritual practices can bring significant mental health benefits. Lots of studies have shown that religious involvement and spirituality are associated with better health, including greater longevity, coping skills and higher quality of life (even during terminal illness) as well as reduced levels of anxiety, depression, and suicide. Addressing the spiritual needs of a person may …

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Avoidant attachment and impact on relationships

Understanding avoidant attachment: In an age when the value of human life is high, and humans are living longer than ever, afterwards, we find ourselves navigating the twist and certainly turns of long-term relationships never previously seen. Each relationship contains complex factors pertaining to and influencing communication, bringing together mini cultures, intergenerational experiences and individuality …

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Defence mechanism

(Unconscious) Defence Mechanisms

Our brains work in amazing and sometimes seemingly mysterious ways. We’ve all heard terms such as they’re just “being defensive”, “in denial”, or “trying to rationalise their behaviour”. And many of us have caught ourselves behaving or responding in ways that may seem strange or uncharacteristic on reflection. But why do we turn to these …

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Difficulty focusing and inattention

Focus and Inattention

Difficulty focusing and inattention are normal, periodic occurrences for most individuals. They can occur for a number of reasons from something as simple as getting momentarily disrupted from a task, to being preoccupied with the thought of other tasks you may need to complete. For some, this lack of sustained focus and attention can become …

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What are dreams, really? Dreams have been a constant puzzle to solve, even to experts. There are many theories as to why we dream. Sigmund Freud had suggested that our dreams represent our repressed emotions and that dreams are an outlet for them to come alive. Carl Jung, another famous Psychologist, suggested that dreams play …

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Couples Therapy and the Concept of Transference

Therapy isn’t just for one person, couples can also benefit from therapy. What is Couples’ Therapy? Object Relations Therapy (ORT) is an approach used in Couples’ Therapy. ORT is a type of therapy which focuses on the individual’s lacking in interpersonal functioning linked to difficulties in attachment and how this reflects in couples’ experiences of …

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The effectiveness of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

It is an unfortunate truth that countless lives are significantly shattered by both past and present traumatic events. Some prefer to live with it, no matter the misery, while others choose to address the issue and put their lives back on track. One of the ways to take good care of your disturbing experiences is …

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