Psychotherapy in Perth

Psychotherapy has become a well-known way to improve one’s mental health. Various forms of therapy offer different advantages and drawbacks. Therefore, you should consider several key aspects before deciding which therapy is right for you. Do you want to engage in a type of short-term or long-term psychotherapy?   First, let’s discuss psychotherapy….   Psychotherapy …

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Defence mechanism

(Unconscious) Defence Mechanisms

Our brains work in amazing and sometimes seemingly mysterious ways. We’ve all heard terms such as they’re just “being defensive”, “in denial”, or “trying to rationalise their behaviour”. And many of us have caught ourselves behaving or responding in ways that may seem strange or uncharacteristic on reflection. But why do we turn to these …

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Unconscious Mind

The Unconscious Mind

The Unconscious Mind   The Three Levels of Consciousness The concept of the three ‘levels’ of consciousness is attributed to Freud (1915) and is often depicted by an iceberg, with three layers representing each level, namely: The conscious mind, portrayed by the tip of the iceberg, the uppermost part above water that is easily visible …

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Free associations

What is Free Association?

What is Free Association? Free association is a therapeutic method developed by Sigmund Freud as a technique used in psychoanalysis (read about this here!) to explore the unconscious mind by providing patients with the complete freedom to express their thoughts. In this article, we explore what exactly free association is, how the idea came about and …

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Psychoanalytic Therapy

Psychoanalysis and the Benefits of Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychoanalysis and the Benefits of Psychodynamic Therapy   What is Psychoanalysis? Psychoanalysis refers to a set of psychological theories and therapeutic methods which fundamentally view psychological issues as rooted in the unconscious mind. Accordingly, manifest symptoms (i.e., undesirable or dysfunctional thoughts, behaviours, and other defensive mechanisms) are the result of hidden factors, such as unresolved …

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