Avoidant attachment and impact on relationships

Understanding avoidant attachment: In an age when the value of human life is high, and humans are living longer than ever, afterwards, we find ourselves navigating the twist and certainly turns of long-term relationships never previously seen. Each relationship contains complex factors pertaining to and influencing communication, bringing together mini cultures, intergenerational experiences and individuality …

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Mental Fetigue

Mental Fatigue: Is your brain exhausted?

Mental fatigue defined: Also known as mental exhaustion or burnout; it arises from prolonged stress – whether it comes from work, relationships, life events, or all of these. After you’ve been physically working for a while then your body may begin to feel tired and drained. Suppose you continually ignore the physical symptoms from overwork …

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overthinking girl

Am I overthinking?

Overthink (verb) To think too much about something: to put too much time into thinking or analysing something in a way that is more harmful than helpful (Merriam-Webster online dictionary).   When does it become a problem?    We all sometimes spend time overthinking, lying awake at night, ruminating about the past, trying to predict …

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The benefits of Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? Everyone has heard that mindfulness benefits our physical and mental health and well-being. But what effect does it have on our brain in terms of neuroscience? In short, Mindfulness means being present without judgement. To be moment-to-moment in gentle awareness of our thoughts, feelings and environment. It involves being aware of the …

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