Couple counselling

Couple counselling to the Core!

What is the Gottman method in couple counselling?

The Gottman method, pioneers in the field of couples therapy, have spent decades unravelling the mysteries of successful relationships. Their method is a culmination of rigorous research and real-world experience, honed through countless sessions.

As the session begins, the Gottman method creates a safe space for the couple to share their struggles. They listen intently, observing the subtle cues and dynamics that reveal underlying issues. Through their keen insights, they identify the “Four Horsemen”: the destructive patterns of criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling that often herald trouble in relationships.

Couple counselling to the Core

With gentle guidance, the Gottman method helps the couple recognize these patterns and understand their impact. They introduce exercises and techniques to break free from negative cycles and foster healthier communication. Through role-playing, active listening, and empathy-building exercises, the couple begins to see each other in a new light.

But the Gottman method goes beyond just communication skills. It delves into the core of what makes a relationship thrive: friendship, intimacy, and shared dreams. The couple is encouraged to rediscover the joy of spending time together, cultivate intimacy through vulnerability, and create a shared vision for their future.

Couple counselling

As the sessions progress, the couple experiences breakthroughs and setbacks, laughter and tears. But through it all, the Gottman method remains a steadfast guide, providing support, encouragement, and wisdom gleaned from years of helping couples navigate the complexities of love.

In time, the couple emerges stronger, more connected, and armed with the tools to weather whatever storms may come their way. And as they bid farewell to the Gottman method, they carry with them not just a renewed sense of hope, but a profound understanding of what it takes to build a love that lasts a lifetime.

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