Couples Therapy for Parenting Problems

Is the stress of being a mom or dad overwhelming you?

Do you constantly find yourself arguing with your spouse?

Let a therapist help you relieve that stress. You can attend a couples therapy session, as therapy isn’t only meant for an individual. In couples’ therapy, it can be expected that the therapist will help you uncover certain issues that you might face without even realising. One common problem that couples face is different parenting styles that can cause a lot of conflict within the family. One parent may be more strict than the other and the other parent may be more neglectful. Imbalance in parenting styles may cause behavioural issues in young children, where they are confused over the expectation that each parent has for them.

Different types of parenting styles:

  1. Authoritarian Parenting – parents are overly strict with their rules, set very high expectations and give less warmth to their children. Children of these parents may “walk on eggshells” so as to not upset their parents.
  2. Authoritative Parenting – Warm and supportive towards their children. Parents with such styles let their children know who is in charge but are still reasonable with the expectations set for their kids.
  3. Attachment Parenting – parents are very attached to their children and give in to their demands most of the time.
  4. Permissive Parenting – parents tend to be very warm and supportive but they lack consistent discipline. Children may take advantage of such parenting style and throw tantrums whenever they do not get what they want.
  5. Free-range Parenting – parents allow their child to become more independent on their own and allow them to develop on their own without much guidance or pressure.
  6. Uninvolved Parenting – Parents that undertake this style may neglect their children’s needs and they are unable to connect emotionally with their children.

Through couples’ therapy, parents are able to find a common ground for parenting styles that they agree on and take the stress off each other’s expectations for the household. A therapist will be able to help strengthen parenting skills and teach certain strategies to regain balance in the household, and also to the relationship itself. Couples’ therapy also enables the relationship to keep the spark and maintain long lasting connections that will be beneficial to both parties.