Life after lockdown

Will things fall back in place once the lockdown restrictions are relaxed? How easy or difficult will it be to get life back on track? No one can precisely predict if things are going to be the same as it was before the pandemic. For many of us who lost their jobs because of the pandemic, finding a new job would mean pressing the restart button. For those who have lost their loved ones, being able to physically connect with their family and friends after a long time may give birth to mixed emotions of joy and sorrow. For those who had to leave their country for good, dreams would remain unfulfilled, and hopes may fly out the window. This lockdown has taught us lessons (good and bad), that humanity will never forget. 


On a positive note, lockdown in a way, has helped us learn some self-care strategies and how to be kind to ourselves. Morning and evening walks, yoga and Zumba, meditations and prayers, cycling and exercises, started making marks on the timeline of many individuals. Social distancing and isolation gave us ample time to strengthen family ties and value the importance of family and friends. Out of sight is no longer out of mind. The time that we spent within the four walls helped us “slow things down” in a super-fast world. Our bodies and minds have regained their calmness. Attending online classes and working from home, instilled in us a great sense of appreciation for the scientific and technological inventions made both in old and recent times. Many choose health over wealth and contribute in various capacities to help those who are in need. Unity, once again, proved to be the evergreen tool for humans to fight against all odds.

Together we might have won, but each one of us has our own battle to fight and puzzles to solve. Irrespective of how big or small the fight is, if we could continue to remember the lessons that we have learnt during the times of our lockdown, we will do just fine. Calmness, patience and perseverance can help you become the better you.