Type of Services

COPE offer’s a broad range of services including assessment and therapy for individuals, couples, children, families, workplaces and groups.


Face-to-face Counselling

In person counselling takes place in the consulting room of the venue arranged for your appointment. You will expect to see your psychologist for about 50 minutes. You can pay in full after your appointment and we have eftpos facilities to arrange a direct refund from Medicare.


Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy helps by facilitating self-expression and developing new coping strategies. The creative processes include drawing, painting, crafting, colouring, sculpting, or collage.  As clients create art, they gain exploration and insight. They may reflect on what they have made and discern how it makes them feel.  By exploring their art, people discover various new and old ideas and beliefs. These may affect their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours consciously or subconsciously. 


Couples Counselling

Couples counselling can assist you to gain insight into your present difficulties and provide you with the tools and foundation to manage the challenges ahead. Individual relationship counselling is also available and can help you understand why and how difficulties are arising and develop skills that will assist them to foster a healthy and satisfying relationship. Our passion is to help individuals address relationship difficulties so that they can have more joyful, fulfilling and healthy relationships which can increase their overall satisfaction in life.


Group Counselling

We conduct group sessions for couples facing discord, parents and adolescents facing conflict and facillitate social skills and anxiety groups for children and adolescents. In addition, we conduct stress management groups, support groups for mentally ill clients, OCD and depression groups with adults. We also deliver educational group programmes on time management, dealing with procrastination, public speaking phobias and panic attacks.


Workshops for Organisations

Our psychologists can help you get the most out of your team with a range of topics to help boost wellbeing, mental health, and productivity. Our workshops are evidence-based and delivered by clinical psychologists. The workshops are facilitated by Dr Hugo Gonzales who takes a fun and interactive approach to helping your team to raise their knowledge and build effective skills. He has extensive experience as a lecturer at universities for counselling/psychology programmes.


Online Counselling

Online counselling takes place through telecommunication video chat such as Skype. You are expected to be available online for about one hour. You should pay in full when you schedule your appointment online.

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