Conflict Communication

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Workplace conflict is inevitable for most organisations and thus essential that all employees learn effective ways to communicate and deal with conflict.

The Conflict and Communication EAP program promotes the development of skilled influencing behaviours and how empathy can be used as an effective approach for successful communication. The program is designed to help employees improve conflict resolution skills and learn new ways to relate to other employees for effective dialogue. Helping your employees understand their own communication styles and the style of others can help lead to more effective communication in the workplace that produce the best possible outcomes.

Our Conflict and Communication EAP program is delivered by our highly skilled and compassionate clinical psychologist that help’s employees in the following ways: (but not limited to)

  • Assertiveness training 
  • Problem solving 
  • Active listening and questioning techniques 
  • Become aware of your own conflict resolution style 
  • Learning different communication styles 
  • Effective communication strategies 
  • Strategies for managing conflict 
  • Techniques for defusing arguments 
  • Coping strategies 
  • Emotional regulation 
  • Effective negotiation 
  • Giving criticism and feedback

Workplace conflict in Australia is estimated to cost between $6-12 billion annually.

Around 30 percent of a typical manager’s time is spent dealing with disputes and conflicts.

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