Couples Counselling

Providing partners with the resources to live a rich and fulfilling life

If you and your partner are going through a rougher time in your relationship, you are not alone. 

Many couples experience tension and difficulty, and with the guidance of couples therapy, you can work through the challenges and build a happier, healthier relationship.

Our goal as a couple’s counsellor is to arm partners with the resources they need to live lives of preferred meaning. 

As a result, couples find they are able to resolve differences more quickly and effectively, moving forward with skills that enrich their lives and relationship.

With couples counselling sessions now available via Telehealth, there is even more opportunity to access couples counselling sessions. Whether you and your partner can both get to a session but can't get to the clinic, or you both are in different locations, you can now access couples counselling online.

Our Psychologists

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