Group Psychoanalytic Psychodrama

Psychodrama is a method used in psychotherapy in which people uses dramatization, elements from theatre, and role-playing to explore issues and solve personal problems. In a group psychodrama session, the person enacting an issue in their personal life becomes the protagonist. Other members of the psychodrama group may become auxiliaries and support the protagonist in playing other roles in the scene. With the aid of psychoanalysis, psychodrama may assist to elucidate how the experiences presented in the drama are repetitions of prior experiences in the personal life. This may allow resolving unconscious hidden issues. Psychoanalytic psychodrama is aimed at people who have difficulties in being able to represent, to symbolise, to dream, to put into words their life experiences and internal conflicts.

Group psychoanalytically informed Psychodrama can be suited for:

  • Difficulties in interpersonal relationships, marriage, and parenthood;
  • Social anxiety
  • loneliness and withdrawal;
  • feelings of losing touch with reality;
  • feelings of failure;
  • general dissatisfaction with yourself or your life;
  • inability to do things which you feel you should be able to do, such as concentrate, study, or work;
  • feeling compelled to do things which you do not want to do;
  • frequent feelings of unhappiness;
  • expectations that something bad will happen;
  • continued worries and anxieties of all sorts;
  • nightmares; depressed moods and sadness;
  • persistent feelings of being persecuted, blamed, or taken advantage of;
  • pervasive feelings of hate or contempt; feelings of being inferior, of being disliked and rejected by others, of disliking yourself;
  • feelings of great tension, irritability, or excitability; persistent feelings of restlessness.

For example, a person who has difficulties getting a job, may go through dialogues or roleplaying with a psychotherapist representing an employer. The role-playing may help with the issue, however, through psychodrama and psychoanalysis the person will be able to develop an insight into what his fantasized image of an employer represents in terms of displacement of his anxiety, and the person will be able to make progress toward recovery.

Our psychodrama group for adults will meet for 10 sessions on a weekly basis

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