About Zen Meditation

Zen Buddhism is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that has emerged in China and has since spread to other Asian countries and the West. It puts emphasis on the practice of meditation as the key to awakening one’s inner nature, compassion, and wisdom – without being misled by logical thoughts or language.

Zen does not rely on scripture, doctrine, or ritual, but on personal experience and hard, intimate training passed on from the master to the disciple. Zen literature is influenced by Taoism, Confucianism, and Chinese poetry, and often uses legendary anecdotes of the great masters.

Zen has different forms and flavours depending on the culture that embraced it.

Zen Buddhism

Mujyo Zenji is the Head of the Australian Zen Studies Institute. Mujyo received his training from a Zen monk at Tofukuji Rinzai Daihozan Senmondojo, Kyoto, Japan, and is the disciple of Kiedo Fukushima in the lineage of Zenkei Shibayama.

Mujyo is an accomplished artist in multiple mediums including Traditional Sumi-e (monotonal painting), Zenga (Zen painting), western painting, drawing and sculpture.


Zen Meditation Class – A Guide to the Zen Practice

Zen Buddhism

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