Addiction affects millions of people nationwide. It occurs in all genders and each economic and social class. Addiction can have significant short-term and long-term impacts. It affects for example physical, mental, social and financial health. It is often difficult for many individuals experiencing an addiction to seek help. That is the reason why our service provides complete confidential support. We help encourage individuals to get the help and support they need. Some of the most common addictions are alcohol, drugs, tobacco and gambling however there are various forms of other addictions.

How addiction can impact employees’ lives:

    • Losing interest in activities
    • Difficulties concentrating at work
    • Changes in eating and sleeping habits
    • Changes in mood
    • Increased absenteeism
    • Problems at work or in personal life
    • Social isolation

Our Addiction EAP program is tailored towards each individuals’ needs and utilises a range of treatment approaches that have been found successful working with addictions.

COPE is your EAP provider of choice

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